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Brandt’s Appliance Service Grills and Fireplaces is a USA based company who has been in business for over 25 years. Brandt’s custom builds high end outdoor kitchens, fire pits and fireplaces as well as sells and services high end outdoor BBQ products. At Brandt’s we are always trying to help our customers with their questions and concerns. One of these concerns has been the lack of quality and longevity of  BBQ tools that are on the market today. There has always been a need for quality BBQ tools that can be left sitting outside in the elements that the owner will not have to worry about coming out to a rusted mess the next day. We have also heard many complaints about the intense heat while barbecuing and even some stories about burnt hands and arms. With these two major issues in the BBQ world,  Brandt’s Grills and Fireplaces has launched to take care of these concerns. Most of us have been in the situation where we are barbecuing for family and friends and need to reach that juicy burger or plump dog all way in the back of the grill. This can be a huge challenge when you have intense heat and flames shooting up out of the grill. Not only will your tool not rust like other tools on the market, our extended 304 stainless tools with long ash handles, allow you to reach the back of any grill and not have to worry about doing the burnt hair shuffle. Our tools are proudly manufactured in the USA and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Cool Hand Tools make the perfect gift for anyone who owns or uses any style of BBQ grill. Pick yours up today. 

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